September 20th 2016

London Opticon Conference 2016 - what we're looking forward to

Written by Andy McKenna

November 9th 9am ??? 5:30pm

Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG

Keynote speakers:
Peter Schwartz ??? SVP Strategic Planning, Salesforce.
Jeriad Zoghby ??? Director and Global Lead, Accenture.
Dan Siroker ??? Co-Founder & CEO, Optimizely.
Pete Koomen ??? Co-Founder & CTO, Optimizely.
Linda Crawford ??? Chief Customer Officer, Optimizely.
John Provine ??? Senior Product Manager, Optimizely.
Jon Noronha ??? Senior Product Manager, Optimizely.

Optimizely???s Opticon conference took place last week in San Francisco, and while we unfortunately weren???t able to make it over to the States for it, we???re excited about the London conference which is taking place in London in early November. In this blog post I look ahead to some of the stand-out sessions.

Whilst not having quite the same packed agenda and wealth of featured speakers as the San Francisco version of the event, the London Opticon still promises some great sessions.

I???m particularly looking forward to the Future State of Personalisation session, with Jeriad Zoghby from Accenture, who will be looking into how companies can design a more fluid approach to understanding customer preferences and interests to drive personalised marketing and experiences. It promises to be a practical session, touching on the evolution of personalisation as well as exploring frameworks companies should adopt to guide their personalisation transformation strategy, and the blockers to rolling out a successful personalisation program at scale. But perhaps the most interesting element is going to be a discussion of the impact that the human genome is going to have on personalisation, and how it could be a game-changer for companies and their customers.

I???m also excited to hear what the featured speaker has to say. Peter Schwartz is Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning at Salesforce in the US, and is a well-known futurist, strategist and author, having written such titles as The Art of the Long View and When Good Companies Do Bad Things. Schwartz is famous for his own style of scenario planning, and has worked as a consultant in areas as diverse as corporate responsibility and movies (Minority Report, Deep Impact and War Games among others). So I???m pretty sure he???s going to have some very interesting points of view.

It???s also going to be interesting to hear how various companies are adopting innovative experimentation practices, in the Customer Innovation Showcase session. If the San Francisco event is anything to go by, a range of Optimizely users will be giving their real-life stories of how they have been using the tool to reach new heights in customer experience. There should be some inspirational take-aways here that optimisers in any industry can put into practice.

Finally, it???s going to be fascinating to hear what the senior management team at Optimizely have to say about the company???s vision and new product offerings. Co-Founder and CEO Dan Siroker announced the launch of Optimizely X at the San Francisco conference, so it???s going to be great to hear all about what the new platform is going to offer. Billed as ???the world???s first experimentation platform???, Optimizely X allows companies to run experiments on any channel and any device that is connected to the internet. It???s going to be available in the market from 4th October, so by the time of the London conference there should hopefully be some early case studies to learn from.

Roll on November!