December 23rd 2016

12 CRO predictions for 2017 - Part 2

Written by Andy McKenna

In the first part of this blog post we gave our first six predictions??of what we think are going to be the hot CRO trends in 2017.

Here are the other six:

Long form scrolling content with sticky navigation

The days of having to keep core content above the fold is dying out, as more people are used to (and expect to) scroll down the page, especially on mobile phones and tablets. We are building more sites now??with sticky navigation, where it stays locked to the top of the page irrespective of where the user is on the page.

Redesigns will fade out

Full website redesigns will start to become less prevalent. And smaller iterative, incremental UX and design enhancements - driven by data and experimentation - will become more the vogue. Rather than introducing conversion rate optimisation strategies after launch, companies will start feeding into the overall site creation process. This is more what CRO should be.

It's a homepage, but not as we know it...

We???re already starting to see the website homepage change from simply being a signposting device to being a longer, scrolling page that tells a story about the brand and its products. Mobile responsiveness has been the major contributor to this change. As I mentioned above, users are now less reluctant to scroll down the page, and this means that brands are including much more on the homepage to profit from this unbroken journey.

Faster-loading, leaner web pages

With Google???s obsession with fast-loading webpages, I???m convinced that next year will herald a sea-change in how brands design and develop their sites. There???s too much at stake for pages not to load at lightning speed, so we will start to see more optimised content (including imagery) as well as web pages loading content in stages ??? so that users can start interacting with it sooner.

True data-driven decision making

???Data-driven??? is a term that digital marketers have both overused and misused over the years. Companies have liked to think that they???ve been taking a data-driven approach to optimisation, but in truth very few have to any real degree. Next year we believe that companies will adopt??a much more structured approach to mining and analysing data, however, as companies use more channels and tools to gather it.

Text overlays

Whichever way you look at them, these often-despised devices do work when handled right. Companies??are already starting to use them in a more sensitive way when users leave a web page or purchase funnel, and this will continue in 2017. Rather than serving up a message with very little value for the customer, brands will look to hook them in with discounts, and cross-sell opportunities.

We'd love to get your thoughts and comments on these. And any more that you might have.
In the meantime, have a very happy Christmas, and here's to a prosperous 2017! ?? ??