Our Approach

Our Approach

We aim to be as open and transparent as possible with our clients. It???s one of our core values. We want you to be totally clear on the approach we will take to improve your conversion rates.

Optimising your web properties isn???t about following hunches. To be successful you need to follow a proven process. It takes time and effort - there is no magic bullet. Here we list out the steps we take with you to achieve that success.

  1. Understanding your business landscape

    First of all we make an inventory of your brand websites, and investigate your business goals, KPIs, strategic priorities, and CPA for each customer. Getting this context is critical for understanding how your business works.

  2. Understanding your visitors

    We look at any qualitative and quantitative insights you have. These include feedback, reports and studies, and any profitable customer segments you might have already identified. A bit like a detective hunting for evidence from a crime scene, we scour this information to help us to piece together the rationale behind your visitors??? behaviours.

  3. Analysing your website code

    At this point we start to do analysis of your websites' code. We document steps to tidy it up (this helps with things like search engine rankings and page load speeds).

  4. Capturing the customer???s voice

    We then gather insights from any analytics or feedback tools you have. This might be??user testing, customer surveys, user experience studies, data analysis/drop??off reports, web chat, qualitative feedback, social media monitoring, SessionCam, and heat mapping.

  5. Identifying visitors??? objections

    Next we work with you to prioritise these insights, by looking at what's blocking customers from doing what you want them to do across your websites. We help you discover the biggest issues facing your customers, and then start to identify your first high impact, easy to implement tests to feed into your test roadmap.

  6. Understanding your business structure

    We look at how your company is structured. We then advise on how you should set yourselves up to get the most out of your optimisation efforts. All companies are different, but we have a number of generic process templates we can give you that you can tailor to your own needs.

  7. Devising your optimisation strategy

    We work with you to come up with problem statements, and show you how to turn these into robust test hypotheses. These can then be translated into great test ideas. You won't always get a clear winner from your A/B tests, so you need to be as confident as you can be that the tests you do run have the best chance of success, and to minimise wasted time. Once these tests have run and we know the result, we can then continuously run challenger tests against the winner, to get rapid incremental gains.

  8. Prioritising your tests

    We talk you through the critical process of prioritising tests, and show you how to come up with your own prioritisation strategy.

  9. Personalising your optimisation efforts

    We then look at how you can personalise messaging within your tests, and target these messages at pre??defined customer segments. This is a proven way to maximise ROI, by focusing only on your most profitable target audiences.

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